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Ambrotose – Power Your Body

When a person sees you, whether it be a friend, relative, or a new acquaintance, do they really know how you feel? Your body is unique. Trillions of cells fill the human body. These cells coordinate, communicate, and align to build a machine. A human machine. Ambrotose nutrient supplements can empower your body’s cell to […]

A Summary of the Research on Mannatech Products

Mannatech is committed to research that proves product benefits and testing that ensures product safety. As CEO Al Bala has said, We behave in a like manner to the mainstream pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. This commitment includes the…

Mannatech Dr. Nugent On Cellular Communication

Mannatech’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Steve Nugent, talks about the importance of cellular communication (the key to optimum health and wellness):       Interested in this product? You Can Purchase Mannatech’s Top Cellular Communication Product Here. Learn More at Mannatech’s Resource Library

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