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Mannabears Just Got a Whole Lot Better: Introducing MightyBears

Thee best glyconutrients for kids just got a whole lot better. Welcome to the future of children’s health and wellness with MightyBears.   For years you have enjoyed the benefits of children’s nutritious MannaBears. Benefits that only Mannatech can offer through their patented products. And those benefits have just gotten a makeover.   Introducing MightyBears: […]

Synthetic vs. Plant Based Vitamins

When you go to the grocery store to buy vitamins, you probably don’t give a thought to where they come from, how they’re made, or what is really in them.  Over 90% of vitamins and minerals on the market today are synthetic, which basically means they’re fake.  When you buy a bottle of vitamins, you […]

New Years Health Goals

Change doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve learned through trial and error, success and failure, that you must start small. Setting SMART goals is the optimal path to success.

How NFL Players Support Their Immune System

“I haven’t found anything better for immune support.”

That’s 26 year old NFL lineman Ike Boettger talking about his supplement routine. He stands 6’6” and 313 lbs, and plays guard for the Buffalo Bills. And for as long as he can remember, he’s taken…

Sleep is Critical for Immune Health

A new study has explained how sleep contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. The researchers who led this study found that a good night’s sleep can boost the effectiveness of certain specialized immune cells called T cells. The scientists explain what lies at the core of this relationship between sleep and…

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