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Super Health Collection Bundle

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Unlock the secret to optimal well-being with our meticulously curated Super Health Collection, a powerful combination of cutting-edge supplements designed to support your gut health, boost your immune system, and enhance your overall vitality.* This bundle is carefully crafted to address the intricate balance between your gut and other crucial bodily systems, promoting a harmonious gut-brain axis and a thriving microbiome.*

Here's what you'll find in the Super Health Collection Collection:

  • Superfoods Greens & Reds drink mix
    • Experience the goodness of nature with Superfoods Greens & Reds. Packed with a potent blend of superfoods and fiber, this supplement offers the essential phytonutrients extracted from 20 different plant sources, fruits, and vegetables. Fuel your body with the natural goodness it craves and give yourself the energy and vitality you deserve.
  • GI-ProBalance® slimsticks
    • Support your digestive health with GI-ProBalance, a dynamic prebiotic and probiotic blend boasting a remarkable 50 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units)*. This powerful formula helps maintain a balanced gut flora, promoting a resilient immune system and a healthier digestive tract.*
  • GI-Zyme® caps – Digestive Enzymes
    • Elevate your gut health with GI-Zyme, a blend of essential digestive enzymes carefully selected to enhance the Gut-Brain Axis.* With a unique combination of enzymes like Amylase, Alpha-Galactosidase, Protease, Lactase, Invertase, Bromelain, Lipase, Protease, and Cellulase, this supplement supports efficient digestion, reducing typical discomfort from a normal diet and promoting nutrient absorption.*
  • GI-Defense® caps – Help Strengthen and Support Gut Barrier Function and Integrity
    • Strengthen and support your gut barrier function and integrity with GI-Defense.* This specialized post-biotic supplement is dedicated to nurturing your gut health, leaving you feeling comfortable and refreshed.* Bid farewell to the typical discomfort of gas and bloating from a normal diet and embrace a life free from digestive woes.*

The Super Health Collection bundle is your comprehensive solution for achieving a balanced and harmonious gut environment.* Whether you're seeking improved digestive health, enhanced immune support, or a boost in overall vitality, this bundle has you covered.* Don't wait – make the Super Health Collection bundle your partner on your journey to a healthier, happier you.*

Invest in your well-being today with the Super Health Collection bundle and experience the difference a balanced gut can make in your life.*