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Immune Health Pack

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Get the top products for improving immune health at a discount.

This combo boosts your body's natural immune response from multiple different sources!

This bundle includes:

  1. ImmunoSTART®, which stimulates your body's immune response 
  2. Manna-C™, full of the richest whole food sources of Vitamin C 
  3. GI-ProBalance®, which supports a healthy gut microbiome

Additionally, you can get the bundle with Ambrotose LIFE®, our most powerful Ambrotose® product, at a discount.

ImmunoSTART® tablets help stimulate and support the body’s natural immune response to help you live to the fullest.

  • Help build, support and nurture immune system health.*
  • Are engineered with a targeted array of nutrients, including bovine colostrum, modified citrus pectin, camu camu, and elderberry, that work to stimulate and support the body’s natural immune response.*
  • Increase plasma levels of neutrophil precursors. (Neutrophils are the most abundant immune cells and form an integral part of the immune system).*

Manna-C™ capsules help support your body's immune response with natural sources of vitamin C.

  • Includes classic Ambrotose® complex, along with Wild Bush Plum and Acerola fruit extract, both natural sources of vitamin C.
  • It contains an herbal blend with a natural plant source of vitamin C for the maintenance of good health.

GI-ProBalance® nourishes your gut with 8 strains of probiotics and rich prebiotic fibers.

  • Probiotics interact with your immune cells and support your immune system.
  • Supports a natural balance of good bacteria to maintain healthy digestion.
  • Helps promote diversity in gut bacteria, further strengthening immune response.

Support your immune system from multiple sources!