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GI-Biome® System

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Get the top products for improving digestive health at a discount 

Probiotics, enzymes, prebiotics, and gut lining support in one convenient bundle. 

Today’s modern lifestyle can take a toll on the beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome. The body's ability to stay healthy – physically, mentally, and emotionally, actually starts at the gut level.

That’s why Mannatech™ created the GI-Biome® System – 3 products formulated to pave the way for improved digestive health and support a healthier microbiome.*

This bundle includes:

  1. GI-ProBalance®, which supports optimal intestinal bacteria with prebiotics and probiotics
  2. GI-Zyme®, which supports all stages of digestion with beneficial enzymes
  3. GI-Defense™, which is specifically formulated to nourish and help strengthen the gut lining

GI-ProBalance® is now specially formulated with a MannaBiotic™ Blend consisting of 8 powerful strains including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains totaling 50 Billion CFU. These beneficial bacteria strains were specifically selected because of their durability and robustness which allows them to get to the small and large intestines, where they do most of their work. GI-ProBalance® slimsticks also include a special blend of prebiotic fiber that helps to nourish and fuel the probiotics, so that they can work effectively.

GI-ProBalance® slimsticks are newly formulated to:

  • Support a healthy gut microbiome.*
  • Support a natural balance of good bacteria to maintain healthy digestion.*
  • May support the body against occasional intestinal disturbances and typical, occasional digestive upsets.*
  • Promote natural immune function.*
  • Contain 8.5 billion CFU guaranteed.*
  • Support a healthy gut-brain axis.*
  • Supplement natural probiotic levels that might fluctuate due to normal aging, diet or other normal digestive issues.*
  • Contain Acid-Resistant Probiotic Strains.*

    GI-Zyme® capsules can help improve digestion and nutrient absorption by creating enzymes needed so you'll have a healthy gut.

    GI-Zyme® is formulated to:

    • Help improve digestion.*
    • Assist in breaking down proteins, fats and carbohydrates.*
    • Help ensure that the maximum level of nutrient absorption is attained.*
    • Provide enzymes functioning at a wide range of pH activities (pH 1.0 – pH 8.0).*

    GI-Defense™ capsules, with an exclusive Glycobiome and Butyrate Support Blend, is specifically formulated to nourish and help strengthen the gut lining.

    GI-Defense™ capsules are formulated to:

    • Help strengthen and support gut barrier function and integrity.*
    • Support healthy intestinal permeability and environment.*
    • Help purify the gut and balance beneficial bacteria.*
    • Support short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) production, especially butyrate production.*
    • Contribute to the maintenance of the normal mucus function of the intestinal lining.*
    • Support healthy functioning of the immune and digestive systems.*
    • Help comfort feelings of gas and bloating.*

      Get the GI-Biome® System from Mannatech™, and get your gut right!