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Ambrotose Canister and OSP Value Bundle – The Core 4

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Power-Packed Combo – The Best Value on Our Four Top Sellers (Save Up to 29%)

Discover the most powerful supplement you can take for your health, Ambrotose LIFE®. Combined with OSP® – which included Catalyst multivitamin, Ambrotose AO, and PLUS – these breakthrough products form the centerpiece of total wellness.

  • Your choice of 1 Ambrotose LIFE (100g canister), or 1 Ambrotose Complex (100g canister), or 2 bags of Ambrotose LIFE Slimsticks (30 slimsticks)
  • 1 bag of Optimal Support Packets (60 packets total – each includes 2 Catalyst tablets, 2 PLUS tablets, and 1 Ambrotose AO capsule)

The bottle bundle includes:

  • Your choice of 1 Ambrotose LIFE (100g canister), or 1 Ambrotose Complex (100g canisters), or 2 bags of Ambrotose LIFE slimsticks (30 slimsticks)
  • 1 Bottle of Catalyst Multivitamin (120 tablets)
  • 1 Bottle of PLUS (90 tablets)
  • 1 Bottle of Ambrotose AO (120 capsules)

Ambrotose®: The Most Powerful Supplement You Can Take for Your Health

    Over the past 20 years, Mannatech™ has invested millions of dollars into research and validation in developing Ambrotose® products. Numerous studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals about Ambrotose® powders*, indicating that Ambrotose LIFE® can:

    • Support cellular communication
    • Improve cognitive function, concentration, and memory
    • Improve mood and decrease irritability
    • Support digestive function
    • Support immune function
    • Promote gastrointestinal health

    Why are Glyconutrients important to your health?

    Glyconutrients are beneficial saccharides found in nature, shown to support several extremely important functions for human health, beginning with cellular communication. Several scientific studies have shown that Glyconutrients can improve many aspects of brain function, cognitive function, memory, attentiveness, and mood. In addition, scientific studies on Glyconutrients have shown that they act as a prebiotic which can support healthy digestive function and a healthy gastrointestinal tract. To maintain optimal internal functions, you need optimal cellular communication in many systems of your body.*

    How does Ambrotose LIFE® compare to Ambrotose ® Complex and Advanced Ambrotose®?

    Ambrotose LIFE® is superior in almost every way to the original Ambrotose® complex and Advanced Ambrotose®.

    Here are some of the high points:

    • 50% more powerful than Advanced Ambrotose®
    • 2x the Manapol® of Advanced Ambrotose®
    • Dissolves easily
    • Superior taste

      OSP® – Convenient Wellness on the Go

      No more worrying about which pill to take and when. Stay healthy wherever you are with our Optimal Support Packets® – filled with three of our core products to give you the foundation of optimal wellness while you're on the go.

      You get 60 packets per bag, and each packet contains these power-packed supplements —

      Catalyst® (2 caplets) delivers:

      • Natural vitamin complex
      • Plant-sourced minerals
      • Standardized phytonutrients

      PLUS® (2 caplets) includes nutrients that help support:

      • Breast, prostate, bone, and colon health*
      • The natural function of the endocrine, immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems*

      Ambrotose AO® (1 capsule) formulated with antioxidants to protect cells against:

      • Toxins*
      • Environmental stress*
      • Poor diet*
      • Daily physical stress.
      • Oxidative stress*

      *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.