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Mannatech is rolling out a new product in the US for 3 days only. Liver support was launched in 2018 in China which has around 1.4 Billion people. And now, we are able to have this product in the US and Canada – but only for 3 days. Get ready, get set, get your Liver Support today! 

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The Importance of Liver Detoxification

The liver’s natural function is to filter out impurities and toxins. Toxins come from what we eat and drink, stress, and from our environment, not just from alcohol consumption. Liver toxicity is becoming a global problem. Even people who do not consume alcohol may have liver issues especially due to fatty deposits. Visceral fat forms around the organs including the liver.

In the US, 40% of people have fatty livers, and these are not due to alcohol consumption.  

What does the liver do?

The liver has around 500 functions that most are not aware of. Besides being a purification system for your body, it also helps Metabolic function which impacts energy levels – boost your liver and you will boost your energy. It stores nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and not just the fat soluble ones. It activates enzymes and is involved in processing hormones.

Did you know that thyroid function may be liver related and not metabolic. Adrenal hormones are even dependent on a healthy liver. It also helps purge pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol from your body.

Some other functions of the liver are:

What is Mannatech Essentials Liver Support?

What are the Benefits of Mannatech Essentials Liver Support?

Liver Support is made using a blend of real food herbs and nutrients. It helps promote the functions of your body by breaking down red blood cells, producing hormones, secreting bile, and processing vitamins and nutrients. In addition, it detoxifies, protects, and supports liver function and digestive health.

What are the Key Ingredients in Mannatech Essentials Liver Support?

Mannatech Essentials Liver Support helps detoxify and nourish the liver. Other products don’t include choline which is a key ingredient. Mannatech has brought together these key ingredients, including Choline, to make a superior product.

Take advantage of this special offer beginning May 17th for 72 hours only.

Purchase Yours Today: www.glycoproducts.com/products/liver-support

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