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“I haven’t found anything better for immune support.”

That’s 26 year old NFL lineman Ike Boettger talking about his supplement routine. He stands 6’6” and 313 lbs, and plays guard for the Buffalo Bills. And for as long as he can remember, he’s taken Mannatech products.

“I’ve taken the products my entire life,” he says, “And the benefits are clear: they’ve helped me stay healthy and well, Ambrotose especially.”*

Ike’s father is a long-time Mannatech Associate and used to put Ambrotose in his son’s orange juice. Now, as a football player, Ike considers it part of his routine.

“You can’t perform at your best unless you’re healthy.” he says.

Ike’s regimen includes:

“The products are amazing, and I believe in them 100% — that’s the truth!”

Ike is one of a growing number of high level athletes that see the benefits of using some of the most powerful supplements in the world from Mannatech.

Because pro athletes could literally lose thousands of dollars – even millions in some cases – because of injury or illness, trainers and coaches and players take great care to make sure that what goes into players’ bodies is of the highest benefit for their health.

Mannatech has consistently been at the forefront of unlocking the potential of human health and performance – both for everyday people like you and me as well as high caliber athletes.

Take advantage of the result – the most powerful supplements in the world:

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