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The Truth About Weight Loss

Posted by Angie Schumacher on

Did you know you can lose weight and not lose fat? Did you know that most weight loss plans are formulated to keep you coming back for more time after time? Let's take a look at the truth about weight loss and the plan that revolutionized fat loss.

The Misconception

Not all diets are created equal. Did you know that when you diet, a lot of the weight you lose isn't fat? It can be from water and muscle, not fat. So while the scale may be moving down, you may not be losing as much fat as you'd like.  Let's take a look at why this is important to your overall well being.

The LIE of BMI

The typical way to measure Body Mass Index (BMI) is by using a formula utilizing only height and weight. However, this is an incredibly inaccurate way to gauge how much fat you have on your body.  

For instance, let's look at two people of the same height and weight. One is bodybuilder who only eats whole foods and lean meats and goes to the gym every day. The other is sedentary and eats processed junk foods. They have the same BMI according to this outdated formula even though one has very little body fat and the other has a lot. At 220lbs, they are both considered Obese.

Ditch Your Bathroom Scale

Your regular bathroom scale only tells you how much you weigh. It does not tell you what your actual body composition is. This is why you should be using the Body Composition Index (BCI) instead of the BMI. The BCI includes fat, bone density, muscle mass, and water weight to determine the percentage of components that make up your body weight. 

Take Back Your LIFE

Focusing on decreasing visceral fat and increasing lean muscle is the key to a healthy body. Visceral fat can cause health problems because it literally wraps around your major organs. Luckily, there is one program that has been formulated to do just that. 

Mannatech’s TruHealth System

Mannatech’s TruHealth System is designed to encourage a healthy body composition through diet and exercise. It utilizes real-food technology to give you the most nutrients possible while promoting fat-loss, not muscle-loss. 

It consists of 3 components that are vital to your long term success. Nutritional shakes to fuel your day, a cleansing drink mix to help rid your body of toxins, and a metabolism booster.


The TruPLENISH Nutritional Shake is one of the core components of the TruHealth Fat-Loss System. It’s a plant-based, supplement option full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, Glyconutrients and over 20 grams of protein.

Drink a delicious TruPLENISH shake each day to help keep you feeling fuller longer, and enable you to easily reduce your calorie intake without sacrificing nutritional needs. This shake helps form the foundation of your personal fat-loss agenda. Once you’ve reached your goals, continuing to incorporate TruPLENISH shakes into your daily routine will help you maintain your weight, your new improved body shape and health.

  • Helps transform your body and improve your body composition through the maintenance of lean muscle. 
  • Helps reduce feelings of hunger and increase satiety*
  • Supports healthy weight management*
  • Promotes healthy weight loss, for a healthier, leaner body*
  • Promotes healthy digestion*
  • Is new and helps you form healthy habits*
  • Helps you look and feel better*
  • Suitable for vegans/vegetarians
  • Does not include ingredients that were produced using biotechnology
  • Gluten free
  • Free from Soy
  • Free from dairy or dairy-derived ingredients
  • Free from MSG
  • Free from artificial sweeteners


Mannatech’s complete, nutritional cleansing drink mix is formulated with natural ingredients to help support your body’s ability to cleanse or diminish toxins that can cause oxidative stress. † Unlike many cleanses, TruPURE Slimsticks aren't a laxative or diuretic. They are essential for Cleanse Days when used in conjunction with the TruHealth 30-Day Fat-Loss System and can be used as an everyday drink, providing Glyconutrients, botanical ingredients and support for healthy detoxification.*

  • Promote complete support (purification/cleansing aids the body’s vital organs in performing more efficiently)*
  • Are formulated to support the removal of impurities from all major organs to help support overall health*
  • Promote healthy weight management, for a healthier, leaner, younger-looking body*
  • Support a healthy metabolism*
  • Support detoxification in the liver and at the cellular level*
  • Provide total body support*
  • Support healthy body composition*
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Are naturally gluten-free
  • Are suitable for vegetarians
  • Are free from dairy or dairy-derived ingredients, SOY and MSG
  • Help you look and feel better


TruShape capsules have been specially formulated to support the healthy digestion and utilization of carbohydrates. This action helps support a normal amount of glucose entering the bloodstream, helping maintain healthy blood glucose and lipid levels. 

  • Are naturally powered
  • Are stimulant-free
  • Help boost your metabolism*
  • Support appetite control*
  • Help reduce body fat*
  • Are an innovative fat-loss enhancer*
  • Promote healthy weight loss for a healthier and leaner looking body*
  • Promote greater calorie burn*
  • Promote greater energy levels*
  • Are free from common allergens such as dairy and gluten
  • Are suitable for vegetarians
  • Support healthy body composition*
  • Does not include ingredients that were produced using biotechnology
  • Are free from dairy or dairy-derived ingredients, MSG, artificial sweeteners
  • Help you look and feel better*


Try the TruHealth System and start changing your life today!





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