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The Difference Between the Original Ambrotose Complex, Advanced Ambrotose, and the New Advanced Ambrotose LIFE

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Billions of servings of Mannatech’s Ambrotose have been taken around the world. It’s by far Mannatech’s #1 selling product.

But do you really know Ambrotose?

First, let’s break down what we know and what we are allowed to say about Ambrotose:

Ambrotose supports cell to cell communication in the body.

And according to Dr. Steve Nugent, “Cellular communication is the key to every aspect of your health”.

Numerous studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals about Ambrotose powders, indicating that Ambrotose can:

  • Support cellular communication*
  • Improve cognitive function, concentration and memory*
  • Improve mood and decrease irritability*
  • Support immune function*
  • Support digestive function*
  • Promote gastrointestinal health*

Now let’s look at the difference between the 3 types of Ambrotose:

1) Ambrotose Complex Powder: Introduced in 1996, this is the original Ambrotose formula from back in the day. Some longtime Mannatech folks swear by it. One main difference is the glucosamine in the Ambrotose Complex comes from shellfish. The Complex Powder can be difficult to dissolve in liquid.

You can purchase original Ambrotose Complex Canisters here:

You can purchase original Ambrotose Complex Capsules here:

2) Advanced Ambrotose Complex Powder: This version of Ambrotose was launched in 2006. It was significantly stronger and more effective than the original Ambrotose Complex. A key difference was the glucosamine is plant-based so the product was suitable for vegans. As of November 16, 2020, Mannatech has discontinued Advanced Ambrotose Complex Powder in favor of the new and improved Advanced Ambrotose LIFE. If you like Advanced Ambrotose, you will love Ambrotose Life.

You can still purchase Advanced Ambrotose Capsules here:

3) Ambrotose Life: The newest and most powerful version of Ambrotose. This version is 50% stronger than the Advanced Ambrotose Product, dissolves easily in liquid and tastes about a thousand times better. It includes a new and powerful prebiotic called MCP (pectin from citrus fruit), as well as twice the Manapol found in Advanced Ambrotose (Manapol = the most powerful and important glyconutrient).

Ambrotose Life comes in an unflavored powder in a canister as well as great tasting Citrus flavored Slimsticks (at 40% off, this is currently the best value on the whole site).

You can purchase Ambrotose Life Canisters here:

You can purchase Ambrotose Life Slimsticks at 40% off here:

We know folks who have been taking Ambrotose for 25 years and wouldn’t miss a day of it. Some call it the most powerful and important nutritional supplement on the planet.

Now you know!


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