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New Years Health Goals

Posted by Angie Schumacher on

Welcome to 2022 

 It's been quite the long haul and the team here at GlycoProducts has been working very hard to keep you in the know of the latest health topics. 


What is it about a new year that sparks us to make changes in our health and wellness? New year's bring new beginnings. A fresh start. A do over in some cases. Yes, life goes on. But I know when the first week of January rolls around, I feel like new opportunities are knocking at my door.


What are your health goals for the new year?



How will you make these changes?


Change doesn't happen overnight. I've learned through trial and error, success and failure, that you must start small. Setting SMART goals is the optimal path to success.


What is a SMART goal?



Make a list of everything you want to achieve, and then narrow it down to one. Narrow it down even further if you must. If your goal is too broad, it can be overwhelming. Take the list above - everything can be lumped into the goal of wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. However, starting small and choosing one aspect to begin with would be more specific and achievable.


Your goal should be able to be measured. How much? How many? Etc. Let's take weight loss for an example. You could measure your intake of calories per day or keep a food journal. Over time you'll be able to adjust your food choices to make more healthy choices.


Your goal needs to be realistic. Sticking with the weight loss example, let's say you want to lose 40 pounds. If your goal is to lose 40 pounds in January, you're probably going to be disappointed. Not only is that an unhealthy goal, it's highly unrealistic.


If a healthier life is your long-term goal, then losing weight would be a relevant goal to pursue. Remembering to take your daily vitamin would be a relevant goal. Make sure your goal relates to your ultimate desire, or long-term goal.


How long will it take to achieve your goal? Are you planning on sticking to a weight loss program like this one? Committing to shorter time periods will help you in the long run. Personally, I like to stick to 90 day time periods, especially for weight loss and exercise regimes.


It's a new year folks. Let's set those goals and make those changes. If you need help with your goals, the team is here to help.


Stay healthy my friends, and welcome to the new year.


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