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Mannatech is committed to testing that ensures product safety and research that proves product benefits.

Here is a summary of Mannatech’s commitment to safe, effective products: 

Mannatech was a pioneering company in product safety, developing a product safety monitoring program in 1997, long before the FDA started requiring reporting for consumer problems with dietary supplements. Both Mannatech and the FDA track consumer product experiences to ensure that Mannatech products are safe.

A number of Mannatech’s products are certified Kosher. They are:
• Ambrotose ® capsules
• Advanced Ambrotose® capsules and powder
• Ambrotose AO capsules
• OsoLean powder
• Optimal Support Packets
• PhytAloe® capsules
• PhytoMatrix caplets

Additionally, all of Mannatech’s products are gluten free.

All of Mannatech’s products are free of any ingredients banned by major anti-doping agencies, including the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA).

All of Mannatech’s skin care products are cruelty free, and never tested on animals. All skin-care products are exclusive tested on humans who volunteer to be a part of the testing.

Many of the products are vegan and vegetarian.

In short, Mannatech’s approach to testing and research on its products far exceeds other vitamin and supplement companies, and is closer to what you will find at a multi-national pharmaceutical company.

These quotes from Mannatech CEO Al Bala on research and testing sum up their commitment to quality and effectiveness:

Mannatech is different from nearly all other nutritional supplement developers. Most other companies trade in commodities. They take products developed by others, stuff them in a bottle, slap a label on it and declare that they have something “new and improved.” But really, they have little investment in creating a product, conducting clinical trials and filling a health and wellness market need.

We have committed millions of dollars to research and development. It is why we tirelessly seek to patent our technology in major global markets.

We behave in a like manner to the mainstream pharmaceutical industry in the U.S.

For more about Mannatech’s industry leading research on their products, please visit MannatechScience.org.

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